Sitemanagement, Inspection & Maintenance

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We offer a wide range of service-work, we are specialised in solar-field and rooftop installation.

Our service technicians are all equipped with the right tools to carry out measurements and necessary reparations.

If deviations are found in a solar-system, we also offer the option to carry out a full inspection to identify exactly where and which problems need to be solved.When everything is identified, we can solve the problems and get the system to perform optimally again, make it safe and to comply with the rules.

◉ Detect & resolve string errorsreplace
◉ Update or repair inverters
◉ Carry out measurements also above 1000V DC
◉ Replacing cables due to cuts by ty-raps
◉ Replace connectors when use of incompatible connectors
◉ Recovery after theft of cables
◉ Replace broken panels
◉ Check and improve grounding
◉ Replace outdated systems that no longer meet current standards

Yearly Inspections

Many solar-companies offer their customers a maintenance contract where they provide an annual check.

We offer an inspection service:
which means that we can carry out this annual check for you, on your behalf, using the list of items that need to be checked and the inspection app you selected. 

◉ Carrying out insulation resistance measurement (Riso)
◉ Carrying out earth conductor resistance measurement (if present)
◉ Rpe)Measuring
◉ Open circuit voltage (Uoc)
◉ Measuring short circuit current (Isc)
◉ Measuring solar radiation (Irradiance)
◉ Tightening torque of substructure and panel cleats
◉ Damaged cables
◉ Loose hanging cables
◉ Incorrectly applied connectors
◉ Broken panels or hotspots


Are you building a big solar system on a rooftop or a solar field.
We offer a site-management service.

We supply a skilled solar technician who will monitor quality, planning and safety on a daily base.We offer site managers with different language skills: Czech, Dutch, English Spanish & French.

◉ Organize toolbox meetings
◉ Daily handout of permits
◉ Monitoring quality
◉ Monitoring planning
◉ Monitoring safety
◉ Point of contact for sub-contrcators & suppliers
◉ Arrange missing materials